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Launch Your New Cash-Pay Practice With Confidence

Launching a new practice is exciting.

It can also be daunting!

Physicians and practitioners planning to launch a new holistic, functional or integrative cash-pay micropractice are understandably enthusiastic and eager to get started.

But they may have concerns... 

How will I attract new patients if I don't take insurance?

How should I market my services?

How should I price my services?

Do I need a niche?

The list goes on.

I've spoken with many practitioners who didn't have a roadmap from the start, because they were never given one. Invariably, launching without a plan leads to costly mistakes and much heartache.

That's why I believe it's critical to launch your practice with a clear plan and a qualified coach from the get-go. So you can make smart decisions, save time and avoid unnecessary pain.

I've helped many practitioners start new practices from the ground up and I can help you, too.

My approach is to first get to know you and your vision for your ideal practice and lifestyle.

Then, I work with you to map out a plan and hold your hand, step-by-step, as we put things in place. Together, we get your practice foundation built on solid ground for quick success.

Some of the things we might work on are: 

  • Identifying your business model (membership, programs, packages, fee for service?) and pricing

  • Clarifying your focus/niche. We'll create an “ideal patient avatar” so you know exactly who you want to serve and attract to your practice

  • Crafting your marketing message and developing a low-cost and practical marketing plan

  • Developing a simple but effective website that speaks powerfully to your ideal client/patient and gets the phone ringing daily

  • What to say to prospective patients and clients to get them eager to commit with an enthusiastic “yes”

  • Finding ways to keep your overhead as low as possible so you can keep more of what you earn

  • And much more

Let's take the overwhelm out of launching your new holistic, functional or integrative practice.

Schedule your complimentary call with me today to learn more and see if it's a good fit. 

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