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6 Reasons Why You Don’t Have Enough Clients

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You know what gets my goat?

I meet too many wellness professionals who don’t have enough clients and are struggling to thrive.

They’re good people and they have so many gifts to offer… but they’re frustrated and scared. Clients are trickling in rather than pouring in. 

They don’t know how long they can keep at this before raising the white flag and returning to a soul-sucking job to pay the bills.

When I start coaching them, I discover a common set of problems that are holding them back. Here are six of them – check to see if you’re making any of these mistakes:

1. Your message isn’t specific.

Is your message broad and general, rather than narrow and specific?

If so, you’re captivating no one.

To see why, you have to understand that people are always: 1) seeking a solution to a problem, or 2) trying to fulfill a dream, desire or fantasy.

This means that if you’re not speaking specifically to one of these circumstances, your message lacks power. It dissolves into the background of competing noise.

Too many professionals try to be all things to all people. They’re afraid that if they narrow the field, they won’t get enough clients.

Paradoxically, the opposite is true. When you get more specific about who you are talking to and how you help, the more powerful your marketing becomes and the more clients you get.

For more about why this is true, including examples, read this article.

2. You’re not offering people what they want.

Are you offering your prospects what you think they want, or what they really want?

There’s a difference. Let me explain.

People will tell you they want to live a long, healthy life. They’ll tell you they want to age gracefully and avoid the chronic diseases that take too many of us down.

Yet when you offer them your “Long Healthy Life” program, these same people will not buy.


Because people generally don’t buy long term plans that promise results somewhere out in a distant, amorphous future. That’s too abstract. People want to see immediate results NOW, in the present. They want a concrete, tangible promise.

There’s a marketing adage that goes like this:

“Sell people what they want. Give them what they need.”

So you have permission to go ahead and sell your audience a quick 10 pound weight loss, if that’s what they want.

But give them so much more than that.

Give them a plan that will change their habits for good and give them that best chance at a long, healthy life.

3. You haven’t demonstrated enough value.

The exchange of money is simply an exchange of value. And value is in the eye of the beholder.

If a prospect ever tells you that your prices are too high, it simply means you haven’t demonstrated the value of what you do.

What does this mean?

Well, you have to remember that your prospect is always asking themself “What’s in it for me? Is it worth the price? Will I feel like a fool later for spending money on this?”

To address these questions and assuage the fear, you must communicate specifically what results your prospect can expect and how your service/product/program will change their lives.

For example, if you’re a weight loss coach, spell out what results are typical and how your clients’ lives have changed as a results of working with you. Say “Clients lose on average 7 pounds of fat in the first 30 days and double their energy” rather than just “Clients lose weight and feel great!”

A great way to do this is through the use of testimonials. Instead of tooting your own horn, let others do it for you by sharing the amazing transformations you’ve helped them achieve.

4. You’re not persistent enough.

When you announced your new program, did you send out just ONE email?


That’s not nearly enough.

What most newbies don’t realize is that to get results, you’ve got to make an offer multiple times… at least 3-4 times, sometimes more.

I see this play out all too often:

A business owner sends out a single email with an offer to sign up for a coaching package or program and the response is…


Maybe even non-existent.

So she concludes that her list is annoyed, no one’s interested, and backs off.

Please don’t do this!

The truth is that even the most amazing, compelling offers must be presented multiple times to an audience – even to a crowd of “raving fans.”

Don’t worry about pissing people off.

While there will always be a few complainers, the majority of your list will either be too busy to care, or intrigued by the offer and paying attention – ready for something so cool and packed with value that they just can’t refuse.

5. You’re not speaking enough.

Are you afraid to be seen and heard, preferring to hide behind the safety of your computer?

Are you afraid to put yourself out there, vulnerable to judgment and criticism?

You’re not alone. Lots of people feel this way, and I understand, because I used to as well…

Even though I knew I needed to be giving public talks and hosting teleseminars and webinars, I resisted. My excuse was “I’m not ready,” but the truth was I was just plain scared.

Here’s the truth I finally learned and decided to act upon:

The only way to position myself as an expert was to speak.

This goes for you, too.

By speaking I mean writing, creating videos, hosting teleseminars, webinars and podcasts, and giving public talks. I also include networking, because that’s simply speaking one-to-one.

Now, you don’t need to do all of these things, but you do need to choose at least one – preferably two or three – and get out there and start doing it consistently.

Speaking is how you gain credibility and status in your field – and this is essential to attracting clients like crazy.

6. You’re afraid of selling.

When it’s time to ask for the sale, do you stumble?

Do you shrink and make yourself small, feeling ashamed asking for money?

If so, you’re sabotaging yourself. Your prospects will feel your hesitation and run in the opposite direction. The sad truth is that if you crumble when you ask for the sale, you’re guaranteeing that you’ll never make any real money.

So what can you do?

Well, you’ve got to dissolve your fear of selling by changing the way you think about it.

Here’s what I tell my clients:

You are not a stereotypical used car salesman.

You are not trying to convince people to buy something that they’ll regret later.

What you are is a professional coming from a place of genuine caring simply offering your gifts to those who could benefit from them.

You are offering personal transformation, health and freedom – and that’s worlds away from the guy in the used car lot.

Remember, you’re not trying to convince every Joe on the street that he should buy your stuff. You’re only offering your valuable knowledge, services and products to an audience that has already indicated an interest in what you do. They’ve demonstrated this interest by showing up at your talk, registering for your webinar, or signing up on your website for your free gift.

They’re nothing slimy or sleazy about offering from your heart to those who have expressed an interest in your teachings. When you think about it this way, it becomes easier.

Not easy, mind you, but easier.

You’ll still have to deal with your emotions around rejection, because your first instinct will be to take it personally when someone rejects your offer. You’ll feel like it’s a personal rejection of you, but this simply isn’t true. It never is.

Practice letting go of these feelings. It will get easier over time as your success builds and you keep your mind focused on those you serve.

About Julia

Julia Zaslow, BSc, NC, is a sought after business coach who helps holistic, naturopathic and functional medicine physicians and practitioners build profitable businesses they love. 

Julia helps her clients identify the business model that best matches their lifestyle and income goals, then supports them in implementing a streamlined strategy for accomplishing their vision quickly. 

Her clients include brick-and-mortar clinicians serving their local communities as well as practitioners who teach, coach and sell products online — or some combination of the two. 

Through her coaching, consulting, and courses, Julia has helped over a thousand wellness professionals reach new milestones in their businesses with greater ease and joy.

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