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Do You Really Need an Ezine?

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You’ve probably been told that as a small business owner, you need to publish an ezine (email newsletter) every week or two. But do you really?

Before I answer that, let’s define what an email newsletter is.

Typically, it’s an email that is formatted with a pretty header—usually with your business logo and picture—and includes a number of different sections. These are often a personal introduction, a feature article or recipe, links to recommended resources, and maybe a special offer or promotion.

Are newsletters like this effective?

Well, let’s look at the facts. Here are two clear benefits of an ezine:

1. Your prospects and clients are reminded of your existence. They stay connected and aware of what you’re doing.

2. They may contact you for an appointment or purchase a product because they are reminded of your existence.

Those are good benefits—no argument there. But the question we really want to know is: Can we get these same benefits without all the hassle of creating a full ezine?
Because what I’ve found over many years of producing an ezine for a major diet guru is that it takes a surprising amount of work to put out just one issue. I’ve heard this from most of my coaching clients too.

To publish an ezine, first there’s your introduction to write and that pesky feature article, which should probably be well-referenced. Then your recommended resources to put together, special offer to create, and maybe a recipe dropped in for good measure.

But you’re not done yet. Now everything’s got to be formatted nicely in HTML (have fun!) and pretty pictures to be found, resized and inserted. Don’t forget to do a thorough proofing of spelling, grammar and links before you hit send!

This is a fair amount of work for a small team. But for a solopreneur? It’s potentially an entire day (or two) of work. So it makes sense to question whether it’s the best use of your valuable time.

If you were to ask me (and since you’re reading this I’ll assume you are asking me), I say…

Don’t bother.

That is, unless you LOVE to write and all of this is easy breezy for you.

But for the rest of us mortals, you can get both of the benefits listed above (awareness and sales)—often more effectively—by sending out simple, one-topic emails.

These are emails that look just like an email you would write to a friend or colleague. You address your recipient directly and personally (“Hi Sara, I think you’ll like this….”) and include a short note about something of interest—a new blog article on your website, a commentary on a recent news item that’s relevant to your niche, or a special offer on a product or service.

It’s really that easy and the advantages are many. For one, it takes just minutes to write this kind of email. And there’s no fancy formatting or images to hunt down (although you can certainly include an image or two if you wish to, but most often it’s not necessary).

Even better, you’ll find your response rates soar. That’s because you’re writing about only one topic and your reader isn’t distracted by all of the different sections and links and eye-candy. Instead, they’re completely focused on just the one message that you want to get across.


I hope so.

You’re off the hook. You can release all of that guilt you’ve been carrying around, berating yourself “I’ve just got to get that ezine going!”

But do get started with email marketing because it’s the KEY to building a strong relationship with your audience and to generating income.

Here’s an article on the 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of Email Marketing that will make sure your emails are opened, read and responded to.

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Julia Zaslow, BSc, NC, is a sought after business coach who helps holistic, naturopathic and functional medicine physicians and practitioners build profitable businesses they love. 

Julia helps her clients identify the business model that best matches their lifestyle and income goals, then supports them in implementing a streamlined strategy for accomplishing their vision quickly. 

Her clients include brick-and-mortar clinicians serving their local communities as well as practitioners who teach, coach and sell products online — or some combination of the two. 

Through her coaching, consulting, and courses, Julia has helped over a thousand wellness professionals reach new milestones in their businesses with greater ease and joy.

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